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Please send comments or questions to Stephen Luger at sluger@csir.co.za.   We are particularly interested in new regions or simulation types that would be of interest to you.

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The models have not yet been calibrated for all possible cases and the results should thus be used for demonstration purposes only. Fully calibrated models can be set up on request for specific users.

Technical details
Future developments
This site allows YOU to perform online simulations using state-of-the-art hydrodynamic and water quality models. The models have been set up by experienced modellers at CSIR in South Africa using the DELFT3D modelling system developed by WL|Delft Hydraulics in the Netherlands. 

This site demonstrates how on-line simulation models can provide valuable information to a wide range of users via the internet.  Potential users of the system include: search and rescue personnel, port operators, oil spill response teams, mariculture operators, fishermen, bathers, municipalities, educational institutions, etc.

View results of previous simulations
By clicking on the following buttons you will be able to view the results of simulations performed by previous visitors to this site.


Run your own simulation
1. Select the region of interest and the type of simulation required from the pull-down menus below.
2. Define your scenario by filling in the input form.
3. The simulation will then be performed on our computers and the results posted to the results page.


Saldanha Bay

Table Bay

  Richards Bay

Future applications:
Red tide
Water temperatures
Water quality at beaches
Fish finder
Fate of dredge spoil

All information copyright CSIR 2001 Our coastal modelling expertise includes water quality, oil spill and sediment transport modelling. Using state of the art models together with our understanding of the coastal zone we are able to provide information and advice for better coastal zone management.